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Can Exercise Damage Your Teeth

Jul 21, 2022
Can Exercise Damage Your Teeth| Dentist in Milford

Although exercise is crucial to maintaining excellent health, can it harm our teeth? Exercise and healthy lifestyle choices have been linked to an increase in tooth erosion and dental decay, according to studies. Our oral health can be impacted by exercise in a variety of ways, such as:

Reduced Saliva Flow:

Heavy mouth breathing during exercise can produce a decrease in saliva and cause the mouth to become dry. Minerals found in saliva work to battle bacteria, safeguard tooth enamel and stop decay. Learn to breathe through your nose when exercising and drink water before, during, and after your workout to prevent decay brought on by a dry mouth. You can also wash your teeth before working out to lessen the amount of plaque and bacteria.

Jaw Clenching:

When struggling to raise weights, athletes frequently clench their jaws. The deterioration and even cracking of teeth may result from this pressure. Consider using a mouthguard to shield your teeth from the harm that clenching can do. These can be bought at most drugstores and sporting goods shops, or our dentist in Milford can create a mouthguard that is especially suited for you.

Sports drink consumption:

Studies have shown that sugary sports drinks can erode teeth up to 30 times more quickly than water. They contain citric acid, which can degrade tooth enamel to the point where even cleaning can harm teeth. Sugary beverages should not be consumed in small, frequent sips to prevent tooth decay. These harmful effects can be avoided by drinking water to hydrate rather than sports drinks. If you must take sports drinks, don't consume them in small doses over a lengthy period of time, rinse your mouth with water afterward, and avoid brushing right away.

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