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One Simple Treatment Can Save Your Child's Smile

Jun 25, 2023
One Simple Treatment Can Save Your Child's Smile

During a visit to our office at 222 Main Street Dental, our dentist may advise your child to get dental sealants. You can prevent tooth decay by getting sealants. Understanding the process and how it may affect your child's oral health is helpful when receiving any type of preventative dental care.

Why get sealants?

Sealants aid in the prevention of tooth decay. Sealants are mostly applied to the back teeth, which are the most vulnerable to decay. Sealants are frequently recommended by our dentist for children and teenagers, but adults may also benefit from them.

The further back your teeth are in your mouth, the more difficult it might be to maintain the basic hygiene required to keep them healthy. Within the first two years, sealants can prevent up to 80% of deterioration. Sealants continue to prevent up to 50% of deterioration after 4 years. Children who do not have sealants are more than three times as likely to develop tooth decay than those who do.

When is the best time to get sealants?

The first set of molars in your child normally emerges around the age of six, with the second set appearing around the age of twelve. You should consult with us about the best way to maintain the health of your molars. Sealants work best when applied as soon as the molars break through. Regular dental exams will identify the ideal time to apply sealants.

What should I expect?

Sealants are one of the most simple procedures we offer at our office. In general, there is no discomfort associated with this procedure. We will carefully clean your child's teeth before applying a special gel. Before applying the sealant, the gel is removed. A tiny blue light is used to quickly harden the sealant.

What concerns should I have?

Sealants have no negative effects, and allergic reactions are extremely rare. However, please inform our doctor of any sensitivities your child may have so that we can determine the best course of action.

Next Steps

The sealant will last for years before needing reapplication. In order for our dentist to continuously assess the quality of the sealants and teeth, it is necessary to plan regular visits to our office for preventative care. Make an appointment with us if your child had sealants done years ago and you're not sure if they should be applied again.

For more tips on keeping teeth healthy and for questions about dental sealants and maintaining your Child’s oral health,  contact our Milford dental office.

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