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Gum's Health and Alzheimer's Disease

Jul 03, 2023
Gum's Health and Alzheimer's Disease

Your cognitive performance may be impacted by your gum health. A new study discovered a link between gum disease and cognitive impairment in people in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. While additional research is needed to establish a conclusive link, this study highlights the necessity of continuing the discussion about dental health and its impact on your overall health.

Details of the Study

King's College London and the University of Southampton were in charge of conducting the project. 59 people with early-stage Alzheimer's disease were observed. Patients' oral health was assessed by dental hygienists, while blood tests were used to look at inflammatory markers found in the bloodstream.

Alzheimer's disease is defined by two signature proteins in the brain: amyloid beta, which clumps together to create plaques and is thought to be the first protein deposited in the brain as Alzheimer's progresses, and tau, which deposits in nerve cells and forms tangles.

What it Found

Oral examinations were performed on participants in order to acquire bacterial samples from beneath the gum line. Individuals with an imbalance in bacteria, with a ratio favoring harmful to beneficial bacteria, were more likely to have the Alzheimer's signature of lower CSF amyloid levels, according to the findings. The researchers hypothesize that large quantities of good bacteria may be protective against Alzheimer's because they maintain bacterial balance and reduce inflammation.

According to the study, those with gum disease exhibited cognitive deterioration six times faster than those without gum disease. The researchers believed that the body's response to inflammation was to blame for the quick decline in brain function.

Importance of Healthy Gums

Previous research has shown that gum disease increases the possibility of acquiring complications such as heart disease and stroke. Maintaining healthy gums is crucial for overall health. You can keep your gums healthy by practicing proper dental hygiene routines on a daily basis. This includes brushing twice a day for two minutes and flossing on a regular basis.

It is essential for people suffering from Alzheimer's disease to have good oral health. If you are caring for someone with the condition, make sure they have good daily oral hygiene practices and schedule a visit to our Milford dentist's office for frequent exams. Keeping your gums healthy may be one of the keys to keeping your body and brain healthy for the rest of your life.

For more information about gum health or to schedule your next visit, please contact our Milford dentist at 222 Main Street Dental.

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